Blue Heron Gallery Artist Support Services and Subscriptions

Blue Heron Gallery Online is more than an art gallery, and offers a variety of support services to artist subscribers. Subscribers to Blue Heron Gallery Online will receive discounts for those services as well.

The question you need to answer is whether you want to improve the business of your art, or simply produce your art.


Artist Support Services


Copywriting, Proofreading and Editing

Assistance with your Artist Statement, piece descriptions for Gallery Shows, website content, promotional materials, Show Catalogs, ghostwriting for any undertaking, including books.

Hourly rate of $50 ($35 for subscribers)


Publishing Services

Show catalogs on heavy bond paper, high gloss, varnished cover, minimum 25 count, Size: 6X9, 12 pages including the 9 pieces from the show as well as the artist photo, can be reordered on demand in any quantity

Other publishing services will be added over time.

Price for 25 catalogs for subscribers  $250

Price for non-subscribers  $300

Price for Digital Version only         $75

Artist will be responsible for mailing catalogs to those who may request one through the Gallery Show. A PDF version of the catalog will also be made available for download during the Gallery Show. It is anticipated that a fee will be charged both for the print catalog and for the downloadable PDF version. Proceeds for print catalog sales will be the artist’s, while proceeds from the sale of downloadable PDF versions will be the Gallery’s.


Promotional Services for Gallery Shows and Beyond 

Online, social media and email promotional campaigns for Gallery Shows will be offered. These services will include email promotions to Gallery email address lists, and to any emailing list the artist may provide. This service will be provided free of charge to subscribers.

Additionally, ongoing online marketing services will be offered for artist websites, including Search Engine Optimization services, regular blog posts, and YouTube promotions of Gallery Show videos on the Blue Heron Gallery Online YouTube channel.

Hourly rate for ongoing marketing services – $50  ($35 for subscribers)


Artist Subscriptions

Artists may subscribe to the Blue Heron Gallery Online services for a one-time payment of  $250.

Subscribers will receive discounts on the services offered by Blue Heron Gallery Online as noted in the above listing. Included in those discounts are copy writing, proofreading and editing services, publishing services, and website development services.

A subscription to the Gallery is required of all artists who are selected for a show. Subscribers will receive priority for future Gallery Show consideration, will be added to the Archive of shows to remain available after the show concludes, and will remain on the Gallery’s YouTube channel.


Choosing Your Subscriber Options

If you wish to have a Gallery Show in 2021, or will need a new website or a website facelift, becoming a subscriber with Blue Heron Gallery Online will save you money through discounts for the many services offered.

Whether it is copy writing assistance, or a show catalog published, or ongoing services like website updates or promotional services, there are savings to be had once you become a subscriber.

With a serious commitment made to the Gallery, you will receive an equally serious commitment to assist in all ways as proposed. With your best foot forward, the Gallery will walk you through all of the steps necessary to prepare the most effective and professional show possible, promoted widely and well, and serviced beyond the 30 days with an archive of the show on our website and on our YouTube Channel.

This is only one of the many ways the Virtual Art Gallery distinguishes itself from the traditional on-the-ground gallery. Your show will live on, accessible by collectors at any time, from anywhere, and continue to present you well. Your video presentations will live on, also, both here on the website and on our YouTube channel.

Not only will your art live forever, but so will your show.

Curatorial Affairs

  • Curation Aid
  • Catalog Layout
  • Show Layout
  • Video Editing
  • Archiving Assistance

Public Relations

  • Show Promotion
  • YouTube Channel Promos
  • Website Online Promotion
  • Other Show Promos
  • Catalog Publishing


  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Agency Services
  • Archiving Show & Video
  • Processing Purchases
  • Prompt Payments


Make Yourself at Home

Frame or Not – Your Choice

A high quality image of your work is all that’s necessary. We’ll take it from there.

No Travel Necessary

Sit down and relax. It’s all done by email to transmit the images of your work, and your instructions on placement in the show.

Food & Drink Optional

It’s your fridge, and your couch. Watch your show online; answer visitor questions if asked; send out catalogs if requested. So easy.

30 Days and Beyond

Your show lives on, in archive and on YouTube. Send prospective buyers to the Gallery website archive or YouTube to see your collection.


139 E Quincy Street
North Adams, MA, USA
[email protected]

In the heart of the Berkshires Art Community

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