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Do you want to improve the business of your art, or do you want simply to produce it?

Actually, it’s possible to do both.

Imagine a new website for yourself where you can not only display your art but also offer it for sale directly from your website.  Imagine a new website where you can produce your own Art Shows whenever you want.

Design and functionality standards for websites change at least every two years.  If your website is older than two years, you’re out of date.  If the only updates you make to your website are the additions of your new work, you’re out of date.

A new website:

  • Built on the WordPress platform
  • With a Visual Builder installed that makes additions/deletions/updates of both images and copy as easy as writing an email
  • And with a custom template prepared to your specs for producing your own art shows whenever you want

will help keep you current in the online world and position yourself favorably for not simply showing your work but selling it, too.  And by selling, I mean selling it yourself, without gallery owner commissions, directly from your studio.

 Gallery of New Website Projects from Blue Heron 

Galen Cheney

Following her show with Blue Heron Gallery Online, Galen chose to give her website a freshening up and begin to create a stronger branding identity.  She will be able to create her own shows in the future, and offer her paintings for sale directly from her new site.

Chinese English Translations

Peter McGrath Studio

Peter was the featured artist for the 2021 second show, presenting both sculptures and paintings, two of which sold for him.  A third piece was sold from his show in the 2021 Shows section of the gallery site.  His new website launched the week of April 12.

meditation, qigong and taiji classes in the northern berkshires

Michael McGrath

I take my own advice to heart, a 2021 facelift for my teaching website. I will be updating my martial arts and meditation website further to include video meditation classes on a subscription basis.

Chinese English Translations

Chinglish Translations

Website offering Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations.  I and my partners translate documents, marketing materials, blog posts, most anything (other than medical documents and legal contracts) for clients in both China and the United States.

the art of Galen Cheney

Charles Giuliano

With the release of his newest of seven books, Charles Giuliano has written what will be the definitive book on the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for many years to come.  The website is, and you can purchase the book directly from the site.  It also includes video of Charles as he talks about all of his books.

New Artist Website Projects

Design, Development, copywriting assistance if desired, creation of a page template for future shows, integration of social media accounts by icon, integration of a blog, and more.

$1750 to $3000, based upon artist requirements, number of pages and number of pieces to be presented.  ($250 discount for subscribers)

Hosting setup and email configuration will be included in the website fee; the monthly fee is $12, or $100 for the year (a savings of $20), which includes a branded email address and a secure certificate.

A 50% deposit will be required to commence work, with the balance to be paid upon completion but before launch. The artist will own the website upon payment of the development fee.

Updates to websites built by Blue Heron Gallery Online, including adding new pages and new images, and artist news, will be at the hourly rate of $50, or $35 for subscribers.


If you are interested in discussing a new website project, please let me know using the convenient Contact Form here.


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