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Florinda Suárez Heredia, from Bolivia and Belgium to You

Florinda Suárez Heredia was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. From her childhood, she always saw herself as a painter. She remembered her very first painting entitled Basta, on which she reproduced her child’s tiny hands. Here the woman, the artist, was born. In her paintings, Florinda represents her inner world, an emotion, a feeling, a dream. Handling spatula and brush and often adding natural elements to oils and colors, Florinda mastered an original technique that gives shape and movement to her artistic work. Her feminine energy nourishes her paintings and the process strangely looks like a long gestation that gives birth to beauty and harmony.


Florinda Suárez Heredia exhibited her works in several art galleries worldwide: France, Holland, Bolivia, Belgium, United States. Unexpectedly during her rapid ascent as a professional painter, Florinda faced significant adversity: the depigmentation of the skin. Ironically, she, who masters the art of color, witnessed her discoloration that was altering her image, her identity. Florinda then left Bolivia to Europa to match her new look with a new environment. Florinda now lives on a boat anchored in Brussels, where she found a new equilibrium. “Everyone has something missing whether they are visible or not,” she says. Also, whether it is at the level of health, emotional relationships, or personal finances, the art of living consists in overcoming this lack and unfolding hidden qualities to create and add new values. Do you face a situation where you don’t know how you will get away with this? Admire, contemplate the artworks of Florinda Suárez Heredia! They carry a reality in the making. Watch carefully! It might lead you to a new reality, a project to celebrate?





Oil on canvas with spatula

60 cm x 80 cm



The Paintings and Their Stories

1. La Unidad: Way back in my memory, I always admire the trees, their strength. I even talk to trees. I called this painting «La Unidad» not because there is only one tree but because it is in unity with the ground, the air, the sound. Every detail matters for everything to be in harmony.

2. La conjunción: This painting represents the meeting of three trees. They are of the same species. Yet, they are different. Their colour… They decided to live side by side. Their roots connect them, and they help each other touch the light. They are one with the universe.

3. Viaje: This painting represents the cosmos in motion. These spheres hide a mystery. While looking at them, we wonder if there is life away from the earth.

4. Pasará. Can you feel the cold wind blowing through this painting? 2 trees living in the middle of nowhere, planted on a ground where no one will go. They talk about the difficult times we are going through: It will pass—everything passes.

5. Atracción: A long time ago, I dreamt that the sun fell from the sky. In this painting, the moon falls underwater. Was it a premonition of the heavy rains that caused disasters in Belgium, in Europe? With the moon disappears all those dreams that will never come to life.

6. Más allá: Further in the cosmos. Once again, my imagination gets attracted by the infinite. In this painting, we can see the moon. I painted this scene at the time of an eclipse. This fact came to my mind just recently. At the time of painting, it was an unconscious process. It surged by itself. I only had to paint. 

7. Elle: The time was boring, and I didn’t want to fight to paint something serious. This woman emerged from the bottom of my mind. While she takes her bath, her dreams carry her in a flow of life to a next exciting moment.

8. Voyage: I wanted to travel during this impossible time of COVID-19. I painted this train in a very naïve way. I am somewhere on the train, and I travel through my imagination.

9. Les sapins: This painting was quite tricky to realize. It passed through many transformations. It happens sometimes. It seems that the canvas was too large for the subject. It reminded me of parts of my life. Will I reach the goal that I set for myself? I am always unsatisfied with the result before the end. I let my dissatisfaction speak out. In the final, the result speaks for itself.

10. Amor: I express love here by painting hearts as we usually see it. People say « I love you,» but these words never last long. In this painting, I want to pay tribute to the eternal love that truly radiates. Have I touched someone’s heart!

11. July 4th Angel: I am a mother, and like any mother, I sometimes worry about my son. I drew this guardian angel for him. I finished the angel on July 4th, and my friend Mario named it after American Independence Day. Seen from this new angle, he brings his message of peace, health, and prosperity to all who seek.

12. Mujer: This painting came to my mind as a voluptuous and erotic dream. So, I accepted this woman in her full nudity. However, we can see her wrapped in natural elements, water, and air. Being in ecstasy, she is one with the universe.

13. Je fais ma place au soleil: I first imagined this painting as part of a series of three artworks that I presented at an exhibition in Lyon, France. The gallery owners preferred « The black moon,» and this painting remained unfinished. That was without counting on me. I always like to paint the sun. Also, arriving in Brussels, I finished painting the sun. It became the first oil canvas that I painted on the boat where I now live. I felt happy. I was overflowing with joy. Look! The sun radiates its happiness. Don’t you think?


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