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I spent my earliest years growing up in the very small, wildlife filled Campbellford Ontario, Canada then moved to Rochester NY when I was about 7. I joke that I grew up surrounded by bears and wolves but it’s true. They were a part of everyday life then and I’m happy to say that at least bears are part of my life in the Berkshires too. My fondest memory of wolves was watching them (safely from our living room window) cross the  frozen Trent River in winter under a full moon. I’ll never forget that scene. We went back to Canada regularly to maintain my father’s citizenship all the while feeding my deep love of wilderness and small towns. It has informed everything I do, especially my painting. I’ve lived up and down the East Coast, traveled extensively in the US and Europe, painting the whole way! Besides painting I’ve been in TV pilots and by happy accident got a role in a movie called “Everybody Wants to be an Italian”. However, since I didn’t win an Oscar I decided to stick to painting.

I have exhibited widely over the US and in Canada, been a very grateful recipient of grants from the Martha Boschen Porter Fund,  Massachusetts Cultural Council, Rochester Arts Council, and New York State Council on the Arts , enjoyed artist-in-residencies at the American Academy in Rome, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and in the Dune Shacks at the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Artist Statement

I really love the young sharp green of Spring and the more fulsome greens of summer. Spring is absolutely my favorite season. Everything begins again and this year is a much needed beginning again. Last year was tough on everyone and I spent all my time in the studio only going out to paint later in the year. During the pandemic I focused on Mt. Greylock. I have a great view from my window so I did a number of paintings of it in different weather. All the paintings are on my website. Up until last year I did mostly studio painting and once in a while going out to paint on site. This year I aim to switch that around and paint mostly outdoor. After being stuck inside for a year I look forward to being out, fresh air, meeting people and painting. Many of the paintings you will see here are very recent and some a little older but all were painted outside.  

The outdoor paintings are much more immediate, painted faster, freer as I try to capture the play of light. Also painting outside forces focus and strengthens my editing skills. I can’t tell you how many times I learned that last bit the hard way when faced with a great scene then try to cram it all on a small board. One of my favorite artists says “once you’ve said what you want in the painting there’s no need to chatter on about it”. So that is my goal in working outdoors.  

Through this year I will be painting with oils and watercolors.  The outdoor watercolors have a much different vibe than the oils and I like the direction they are going towards. With watercolor I really splash around and the results can be exciting so keep an eye out for work on my website and instagram.  


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