About The Gallery

The Blue Heron Gallery is, among other things, a child of the pandemic. Restricted in our mobility, closures abounding all around us, art galleries suffered the same turmoil as all other businesses. Artists, unable to show or sell except to their patrons, nonetheless continued to produce. An outlet became necessary.

The Blue Heron Gallery is also a new concept, current with the times of online anything and everything. It is a gallery for these times and beyond.

It is ubiquitous, requiring only an Internet connection.? Collectors, art lovers, artists, all can attend Gallery shows at any time. From the comfort of their couch or study, they can meet the artists, see their works, listen to them speak about their pieces on video,, order or download the show?s catalog. And, if they are so moved, they can purchase a piece from the show with an easy checkout process.

It is around the clock for 30 days. While there will be an opening day and a closing day, there are no particular hours. The shows can be seen at any hour of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

And, it does not truly end. At the conclusion of the 30 days, a show is archived on the site and remains accessible beyond its end date. The show remains intact, works and videos, both on the Gallery website and on the Gallery YouTube channel.

Artists Produce . . . . The Gallery Presents.

Gallery Director

I?m an artist, but perhaps not in the classical sense. I have studied Chinese brush painting, and practiced calligraphy when I was living as a monk at a Chinese temple. I have a few pieces hanging on the walls of my home, even, as do my daughters on their walls – bamboo, a bird in a tree, a cat, a blue heron.

I am also a martial artist, adept at the art of living in stillness.? It is the focus of my training and my teaching, gongfu, taiji, qigong, meditation. A performance art, if you will, and something I practice every day. Visit Blue Heron Stillness here.

But I am also more.¬†I know the Internet, I know how to write and publish, I know how to market and promote online, I know how to develop websites, and I understand the potential of this concept. I have extensive experience in these disciplines, too. You’ll find them listed below

Artists produce, and to survive, they need to show and sell their works. I can help with that.? Bring me your work, tell me your vision, choose from the many services I offer, and I will present you to the world. Your works, your face, your voice, all presented here and on the Gallery’s YouTube channel, all marketed online through social media, search engines, and mailing lists.

This is how I can help. Together, we will define how Art Galleries should be going forward.? I am Michael, and I look forward to working with you.

Internet Experience

  • Over 200 websites developed
  • Over 100 websites marketed
  • Webby Award recognition, 2005
  • SEO copywriter

Public Relations

  • Marketing copywriter
  • Managed online marketing campaigns
  • Managed email marketing campaigns
  • Managed social media campaigns

Education & Experience

  • BA, Political Science
  • Juris Doctor degree
  • Computer Science, 2 year program
  • Lived as a monk at a Chinese temple

How It Works


Just keep doing what you do, Artist. Produce pieces you wish to present. For shows, we’ll want to include nine (9) pieces.


Send high quality images of the pieces you wish to include in the show, and your video statements. Frame, no frame, it’s all up to you.

Enjoy The Show

From the comfort of your home, at any time of the day or night. Perhaps a cup of tea, or a glass of wine and a plate of cheese and grapes.


When a piece sells, you’ll be paid immediately. Wrap and package your piece well and send it off with your note to the buyer.


139 E Quincy Street
North Adams, MA 01247, USA
(508) 280-2814
[email protected]

In the heart of the Berkshires Art Community

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