Website Traffic to Virtual Online Art Shows


The Blue Heron Gallery Online’s second virtual art show is now 27 days in, and the visitor data is once again positive and encouraging. The show, featuring Boston Artist and Sculptor Peter McGrath, got off to a very good start, and has maintained a steady visitor traffic.

At a glimpse:

  • An opening day of 119 visitors
  • A daily average of 68 visitors
  • A daily average visit of 3m 29s
  • A page views per visit of 3.32
  • Visitors from 28 states in the US
  • Visitors from 14 countries around the world

Two sales were made from the show, as well.

Email marketing, once again, remained an effective way to get the word out to announce a virtual art show.  Referrers, including Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube, all sent visitors to the show.  Search engines Google and Bing also referred visitors, and the Gallery’s Google Ads campaign was very successful in bringing steady traffic throughout the show.

I am particularly pleased with the way the show, and the Gallery website, engaged those visitors.  Visits were long, especially in Internet terms, at 3 minutes 29 seconds per visit.  And, they visited over 3 pages per visit, including the Show page and the Meet page, even going beyond that to the About page, the Schedule page, and the Contact page.

The Gallery’s next show begins in just a few days, with featured artist Chalice Mitchell, and shows are already booked into May.  Artists wishing to show their work with the Blue Heron Gallery Online are invited to contact me.  The process of preparing for a show is painless and easy, and the first two shows have not only enjoyed good traffic, but also have resulted in sales.

This continues to be a lot of fun.  I enjoy working with the artists during preparation for the show, and finding new ways to bring people to them.  After two shows, I am becoming convinced the idea of an online art gallery is a viable business for both the gallery and artists who show their work.