Blue Heron Gallery Online is pleased to announce that Jackie Sedlock will be the April featured artist, and her art will be shown for 30 days beginning May 11, 2021.

Jackie spent her childhood rambling through the forests and fields of Western Massachusetts where sneaking in to mills and abandoned buildings was a daily pastime. She favors the hand work of rural life–growing food, making functional pots for daily use, and inhabiting place over time.

“I’m interested in how this work connects us with the land and with one another. I see ritual and devotion in this kind of living, and seek to visually communicate this connection in my daily practice with clay.”

A graphic design graduate of Mt. Ida College, and a further graduate of Bennington College with an emphasis in ceramics and the fashion industry, Sedlock has also taught ceramics at Buxton School, in Williamstown, MA, and has been teaching at her own studio in Pownal, Vermont, for the past 8 years.

In 2019, and with the help of master kiln builder Julie Crosby, Sedlock built a 38 cubic foot catenary arch wood kiln. The kiln uses up to 2 cord of wood with each burn, and adds exactly the effect she was hoping for in her art: “closer dialogue with the process and a developing understanding of wood firing while learning the dance with uncertainty, mystery, and change.

Sedlock’s show will run for 30 days, and pieces/collections will be purchasable directly from the show.

I am pleased to have Jackie Sedlock as our May-June featured artist. Her work is beautiful, as you will see, her dedication to her art is admirable and exemplary, and the kiln, which she refers to as “The Pony,” is an amazing construct. As in all of our shows, we’ll present more of her story, and her Artist Statement, as well as a show catalog.

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