Among the artist services being offered by Blue Heron Gallery Online is website development. Our January featured artist, Galen Cheney, decided to hire me to design and build a new website for her, and it launched on Monday, January 25.

With over 150 images of her work, the website portfolio breaks down into oil, collaged canvas, drawings, monoprints, paperworks and archives categories. A convenient contact form allows website visitors to contact Galen about particular pieces, or to discuss a gallery show, or simply to chat about her art. The site also includes a blog that Galen can use to announce new work, or a new show, or simply to talk about the weather in the northern Berkshires as she looks out the window of her studio.

As is necessary in today’s online world, the website also links with Galen’s Facebook and Instagram pages, where she uses the power of social media to promote her work and remain in touch with collectors and fellow artists.

The website was built to be Galen-friendly, too. With an easy to manage content management system, she will be able to update her site on her own after a few tutoring sessions, whether it be adding images of her new work, or marking a piece as “Sold,”, or even to produce her own shows. If she ever decides to sell her art directly from the website, this feature can be added in the future, as well.

Galen was a pleasure to work with, both in the production of her feature show and in the development of her new website. I hope you will visit the site and take a leisurely walk through her work. You will find it here:


Websites for Artists

If you are interested in chatting about a new website for your art, I’d love to hear from you. Take advantage of the Contact form, or simply write to [email protected], and we can begin that discussion.