There’s a new list of services to be offered by the Blue Heron Gallery Online, and you’ll find it here. It’s a comprehensive list of the initial services offerings as we begin the development of the Virtual Online Art Gallery.

Copywriting, publishing, website development, agency services, promotions, archiving of shows and videos, show catalogs, just to name a few, will be available to artists generally, and gallery subscribers in particular. Subscriptions will offer discounts for all of these services, as well.

The arguments in support of becoming a subscriber are compelling, and you’ll find some of them on the Artist Services page. In today’s world of restricted traveling, of restricted openings, and of virtual anything from the comfort of your home, the Virtual Online Gallery Show makes great sense.

First Virtual Online Gallery Show of 2021

The Blue Heron Gallery Online is already making plans for the first Gallery Show of the new year. A tentative date of 13 January has been set, and several artists have expressed interest in becoming the first artist presented. Each has accumulated a great deal of work in these times of the virus, and are in need of showing that work to prospective buyers. We want to help them in their efforts.

A Gallery YouTube Channel is coming, and will coordinate with the show and beyond. What goes online stays online forever, and these shows will be no different. The show duration will be 30 days, following the lunar calendar, after which time they will be archived intact and remain available thereafter. The same will hold true for the Gallery’s YouTube Channel. Artists will be able to refer collectors, friends and fellow artists to both, and the ability for collectors to make purchases will survive the show on the Blue Heron Gallery Online website.

There’s much more news coming, including a Gallery newsletter, that will detail all Gallery activity, subscriber artist news, sales news and such. A signup for this newsletter will appear soon on the site. The new year will be an exciting one for the concept of virtual online gallery shows, and for the art community in the Berkshires and beyond.